Administration & Corporate Services


The Town of Englehart is a small municipality in the heart of the District of Timiskaming. Built as a railway town, Englehart is home to the 701, the last steam locomotive to make its regular run on the Ontario Northland Railway.

From hiking the beautiful Kap Kig Iwan Provincial Park to boating and fishing on one of the many lakes in the area to relaxing in the Englehart Lee Pool, Englehart and area has something for everyone!

Call the Recreation office for more details at 705-544-1952 or send an email at

Town Hall Hours of Operations

Hours of operation for the Municipal Office are from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday through. 

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)/Municipal Clerk

The CAO/Clerk is appointed by Council to manage the administration of the Corporation of the Town of Englehart as well as execute the legislative responsibilities under the Municipal Act and all other Acts relating to government. The CAO/Clerk's primary role is to lead all Municipal Departments in supporting and implementing Council's direction and providing advice to Council on policies and programs. The CAO/Clerk is also responsible for establishing administrative policies and procedures to ensure that the municipal organization is run in an efficient and effective manner. 

Commissioner of Oath Services

The Clerk and Deputy Clerk offer Commissioner of Oath services. Certain documents require a Commissioner to certify that a required oath, affirmation or declaration have been administered properly. Our Commissioner of Oaths can witness the signatures of people who are affirming/swearing the contents of a document to be true. If you are seeking these services, you must visit the Municipal Office in person during regular business hours. You must bring a piece of valid government issued photo ID (Driver's License, Passport, etc.). Please note that a Health Card is NOT an acceptable form of photo ID.
The cost for this service is $10.00 per signature.
Please call the Municipal Office at 705-544-2244 should you have any questions regarding the type of document you need witnessed.

Asset Management

The Province of Ontario has passed legislation requiring all municipalities in Ontario to develop an asset management plan and to have this available for public viewing. Please click here to view the Town of Englehart's Asset Management Plan.

CDM Plan for The Town of Englehart

The Ministry of Energy requires that all municipalities have a 5 year Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan for their municipality operated buildings. Please find the Town of Englehart's CDM Plan by clicking here.