Complaints & Compliments

Complaints & Compliments

The Town of Englehart is committed to continuous organizational improvement where all complaints are dealt with fairly and in a respectful manner.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction related to an issue or concern raised with a municipal program, service, or operation that is not resolved at the time the incident and for which the complainant submits their concerns to the Town in accordance with the Complaint Policy.

A complaint is distinct from:

Request for Service: A request made to the Town regarding a specific service, or to notify the Town that a scheduled service was not provided on time. Examples include:

  • Requesting that the Town repair a street surface
  • Reporting a burnt out street light
  • Notifying the Town of a missed garbage collection
  • Alerting the Town of no water service
  • Reporting a bylaw infraction

Claim to the Town: A request for compensation, if you believe the Town is legally responsible for a bodily injury or property damage you have experienced. Typical claims include requests for compensation for:

  • Damage to cars due to potholes
  • Injuries from slipping on a sidewalk

Enquiry: A general or specific request for information regarding a municipal program, service, or operation.

Feedback: An opinion, comment and expression of interest in a municipal program, service, or operation.

Compliment: An expression of approval for a municipal program, service, operation, or staff.

Suggestion: An idea submitted to the Town by a customer with the aim of improving municipal programs, services, or operations.

Anonymous complaints will not be addressed. All complaints must have a person's name, address and contact information available.