Landfill Site and Recycling

The Englehart Landfill Site does not accept from those of other municipalities.

Hours of Operation

Tuesdays & Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

 Fees Per Load - Applicable Fees/ Per Yards                                                                             2023                                     2024

Contractor - Waste Management (7 Yard Maximum)                                                                  $5.00                                    $6.00

Reclaimed asphalt products, aggregate, concrete, and soils free of                                        $1.25                                     $1.75

chemical contaminants.

Residential/Commercial Garbage Includes: Abandoned residential or                                    $5.00                                    $6.00

commercial waste, organic waste, various household items, appliances

furniture etc. (Freon containing items must be tagged)

Unsorted Construction, metals & Demolition waste.                                                                  $10.00                                  $12.00

Contaminated Waste - Asbestos includes $100.00 flat rate, plus tipping fee.                        $30.00                                  $35.00

Yard waste including brush, plant materials suitable for composting

purposes.                                                                                                                                            No Fee                                  No Fee


  • NO CARDBOARD accepted at the landfill
  • BATTERIES can be brought to the Town Hall for disposal

Blue Bin Recycling

Recycling is taken by-weekly. This curbside service is provided on days complimentary to your garbage pick up.

Info! Click on a checkbox below to filter calendars:

  • Friday Blue Bin Pickup
  • Tuesday Blue Bin Pickup