Education and Schools


There are many schools and education opportunities for you and your family in Englehart and Armstrong Township. 

School Boards

There are two school boards operating in Englehart and one in Armstrong Township. 

District School Board Ontario North East is a full service, public English school district. Visit the District School Board Ontario North East website for more information. 

The Northeastern Catholic District School Board (NCDSB) is the product of the coming together of regions, of boards, of schools, and of people from Catholic Communities throughout Northeastern Ontario. Visit the Northeastern Catholic District School Board website for more information.

Conseil Scolaire Catholique de District Des Grandes Riveres is a French catholic board with the mission to create a community of life founded on true French catholic values where everyone is valued and welcomed. Visit the Conseil Scolaire Catholique de District Des Grandes Riveres website for more information. 

Elementary Schools:

Secondary Schools:

Special Needs Education

Special Needs programs and resources are integrated in local schools. These programs are committed to providing the best possible learning outcomes for students who learn differently than most. Collaboration efforts among students, parents, classroom teachers and administration focuses on and uses each student's strengths to their advantage. 

"By building on the strengths and interests that a student brings to the table, our classroom and Special Education Resource teachers are able to individualize the student's learning so that they can compensate for weaker areas and maximize their successes. This helps to improve student confidence and the belief that they can indeed achieve to their full potential."

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Post Secondary

Post Secondary education can also be obtained in the area through:

For more information regarding the schools above simply click on them. Contact information for these schools can also be found in our Business Directory. Further General information regarding the schools can be found here (Boréal) and here (Northern).