Larder River

"A geologic fault with mafic, meta volcanic bedrock to the west and sedimentary and volcanic rock to the east, has determined the winding course of Larder River. The River Valley is lined with silt, sand and gravel deposited by glaciers as well as clays derived from lake or floodplain sediment." - Ontario Parks

A 49 km canoe route with plenty of fast water, rapids and falls. This is a comfortable 2-3 days trip, considered novice to moderate. Some rapids may be run or tracked by the experienced canoeists, but during high water, all portages are recommended.

Access to this canoe route is at Raven Lake, via Hwy 624 to Larder Lake and then east on Hwy 66 to the River Lake Road. A canoe route map of this route can be obtained from the Ministry of Natural Resources, as well as topographic maps of the area.