Englehart Tartan

To honour the Town in its Golden Anniversary, in 1958, the Englehart Tartan was created.

Designers Mrs. Odette Williams and Mrs. Ann Woollings were assisted by local amateur artist, Mrs. Edith Cole who created a series of sketches resulting in the final colour arrangement in perfect squares. 

It soon became apparent that the small looms used by the designers could not produce the quantity of cloth required. A mill in Vancouver was contracted to supply the tartan in cloth bolts measuring 90 yards long and 60 inches wide.

The Englehart Pipe Band was outfitted with the attractive tartan colours. Mr. and Mrs. S.G. Bryan purchased the rights to the design and promoted the tartan.

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Name: EnglehartVariant: ModernId: 849Date: 1958Type: Semi-Centennial, commemorative


The dominant colour: Dark Green 

Represents the forests and farms of the Englehart area
RedRepresents the role, which the railroad played in the development of the area serving as a lifeline to early settlers

The Accent colour:  Blue 

Added in tribute to the lakes and sky
GoldIncorporated into design in honour of the Town's fiftieth anniversary (now commonly thought to reflect the history and current presence of gold mining in the north)