Frequently Requested Forms & Applications

Please note that all forms and applications must be signed in person with applicable identification at the time of submission at Town Hall (not prior). Any applicable fees are to be paid upon submission.

Office of the Registrar

Marriage Licence & Requirements (Application at no charge, Licence fee is $100.00)

Birth Certificates & What you need to know

Death Certificates & Registration

Office of the Clerk (Town Hall)

Lottery Licenses (Applications at no charge. License fee is 3% of the prize amounts or $10.00 minimum)

Remember to always verify with Town Hall that your organization qualifies and that proper documentation is presented (as well as any additional requirements) with your application so that your application may be approved. Please note that all financial reports must be submitted for any outstanding licenses before a new license can be issued. 

Lottery Applications, Terms and Conditions, and Requirements (As per AGCO)

Lottery Reports (As per AGCO)

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO): Registration FAQ, Licensing FAQ, and Eligibility. (If any AGCO links say "Service Unavailable", the webpage just needs to be refreshed now that the link has been opened.)

Frequently Requested Forms and Applications (please see download section below for the forms)

  • Fitness:

Memberships can be purchased at the Arena Complex.  Each gym key also requires a one-time $25 deposit and cannot be shared with other person(s).
Gym Membership - NEW
Gym Membership - RENEWAL

  • Emergency Response:
There is no charge for both the Home Fire Safety Checklist and the Volunteer Firefighter Application
  • Englehart & Area Volunteer Fire Department

          Volunteer Firefighter Application 

  • General:

Please see below for the Public Complaint Form

Please note:  any forms and documents requiring a Commissioner of Oath is subject to a $10.00 fee.